Training/Corporate Films

Is there a new department or maybe you just need to reinforce some protocols to make sure the job gets done correctly. We've all been there and learning is part of the process. An entertaining video can help visualize the task and put the viewer on the right track.

'Who We Are' Films

The need to establish your brand is key. Part of that process is to tell people who you are as a business and the people that make it what it is. What are the values, the foundation, and the culture of your company? These answers applied creatively to a visual medium will tell your potential customers all they need to know about who they're buying from or working with.

Documentary/Travel Films

Sometimes the destination isn't the story, but the journey itself and the people along for the ride. Inspiration is the name of the game; explore the unknown or even the 'new to you' for your audience.


Base Camera Kit

Canon C200

  • Rig available: Baseplate with 12 or 24in Carbon Rails, Follow Focus, Shoulder Rig, Swing-away 4x4in Matte Box (filters not included)
  • 3x BP-A30
  • Atomos Shogun Flame w/two NPF 7800mAh Batteries, HDMI Cables/Elbows, mounting arm.

Available Lenses:

  • Cine Kit: Rokinon Cine 24mm, 35mm, and 85mm
  • Zoom: Canon 18-135mm EF-S
  • Canon 40mm EF-S


Azden SGM-PDII (on camera)

Sennheiser G4 Lav (ME2-II) Kit

Azden SGM-1X Shotgun Mic on Boom

Rode WirelessGo


Manfrotto 2-stage Tripod with Spreader and 503 Head

Manfrotto 5-stage Monopod with 500 Head

Manfrotto Hi-Hat

Dana Dolly Rental Kit (w/12ft of connectable pipe)

Edelkrone Sliderone Pro

IGUS Camera Slider 36"

Ladder Dolly 10'


3x LED Light Kit with Softbox, bounce, and negative fills.

1x C-Stand

Boom arm for C-stand (7'8" reach)


6x Shot Bags

Additional Camera's/Equipment

DJI Ronin-S

DJI Phantom 4 Pro (Part 107 Licensed) (w/ND and Polarizer Filters Included)

Fuji XT-3 w/18-55