Woodlot was created as an avenue of creativity for not only it's owner, but for other creatives that he's worked with over the years and will meet in the future. Storytelling is at the heart of this company and Woodlot strives to find those great stories out there, each one unique, and tell it visually—some that our clients didn't even know existed. But that's what is so great about working in this type of business, discovering the stories that drive all of us to do what we do and be the way that we are.

When Kevin was growing up, there was a small wooded lot next to his house. It was the place to explore, to imagine, to run and play or to hide, but also to experience. This was where, along with his older brother, he began to find his calling as a filmmaker recreating their favorite films full of adventure, danger, and mischief. But at the heart of it was always a story.  

Like the joy Kevin felt making his first film, Woodlot's purpose is to create something that doesn't simply fulfill their needs, but something that they'll enjoy.  

Kevin Keegan - Owner/Filmmaker

Kevin Keegan is a storyteller and a creator; he is a firm believer that when making a film, story comes first above all else. This was learned early during his education in television production at Chattahoochee Tech and reinforced while gaining his B.S. in Media Studies and Entertainment from Kennesaw State University. 

Kevin cut his teeth shooting and editing high-end weddings in Atlanta and went on to survive the DSLR revolution, both with lessons critical in the 'docu' and 'reality' environments he’s now accustomed to. Kevin has continued to expand his professional portfolio with his directorial debut on short, Dear Tori, helping brands like SARcraft Survival and Bent's Woodworking grow through creative visual expression, freelance grip and AD work for short films across the southeast, compositing work for Ideas United, and promos for Special Olympics Georgia; the latter earning a Regional Student Emmy and Broadcast Educator's Award. Kevin’s love for cinematography and visual communication are only matched by that of the outdoors. When combined, you quite literally have a happy camper.

Kevin has continued to tailor his skillset while pursuing the livelong study of filmmaking, enjoys outdoor pursuits, hiking, vehicle-based adventure travel, and also practices wilderness survival and first aid via his county’s search and rescue team.