For Peach State Overland’s Annual Fall Color Run 2018, I decided to change it up. Kodak had just released the Super 8 version of their Ektachrome 7294 stock and it seemed like a great oppurtunity to try it out. I was handed down a Canon 310XL which was still in great working order. Exposure is automatic on this camera, so it came down to be selective with shots as I only had about 6min worth of film total. I was very please with the flat log scan that Pro8mm did and once graded has an amazing look. Pardon the VO, but enjoy nonetheless!

“We give a run down of where our hearts are in regards to group rides. The film is set to the backdrop of our last group ride through eastern Tennessee, the Nantahala, and Tellico Overland Adventure Destination in late October 2018.”

Shot on a Canon 310XL and processed and scanned by Pro8mm in Burbank , CA.