Woodlot is producing a short film in the next two months titled Dear Tori. This move into the narrative direction is extremely exciting and I feel privileged to be a part of it. I’ve also been tasked to direct which i’m simply grateful for. Our core producting group is made up of friends from Kennesaw State, including our two writers, Lexi Cowling and Melody McLaurin, our lead actress playing Victoria, Noelle Cameron, and our crew’s 2nd AC and PA, Conner Larson.

The story will center around a daughter, her abusive mother, and a series of deceptions that each have committed against one another, ultimately ending in a moment of triumph for the daughter as she moves towards independence.

We’ve begun pre-production and while this is a modest short film in terms of production scope, we’ve already seen an amazing reaction from friends willing to come in and offer there service and expertise to get this project going. Noelle, other than serving as the lead role of Victoria, will also be our casting director. We’ve already received ample submissions for the parts of Karen/Mother and also a VO only part of Robert, the father. I’m looking forward to how this will progress as we certainly want to make the most of any opportunity we can.